Five things that I will Do Again In 2022, that Worked Great in 2021

Great and not so great things happened to me in 2021, one of the greatest is my discovery of flowers and the love they give you back. This happened shortly after I had recovered from Covid19 which brought me very close to death’s door. Having survived, I didn’t embark on a weight loss journey which many thought would have been a contributing factor to severe Covid, (I have failed terribly at weight loss regimens and still think I can do it again this year). I fell in love with flowers among other things, and will not look back.

  1. Grow more Flowers and Herbs

This is arguably my most successful experiment, I guess it doesn’t take much for naturally occurring things to succeed. Plants are at the core of what we know to be nature, and the results of my 2021 venture are on display in my home, at least before I started selling my glowing potted flowers to friends and neighbors. It’s the bug of being one with nature that is slowly creeping into people’s hearts. I figured I would add color to the greenery surrounding me. The fences and the grass was all green and the patch of spinach bed at the back of my house. Now a bougainvillea is hanging from one side of the fence, and colorful potted flowers and scents of mint on the front porch. And don’t expect a box of chocolate from me on your special occasion. I am bringing a flower grown with tender care and love, one you can keep for life.

So what to do in 2022, repeat more of the same, anything colorful will get my attention, whether its flowers from nurseries to regrow, or flower seeds. I hope the rest of my household will adopt a flower and grow it themselves, and see it grow all year round. No, am not starting a movement, I know many have had greater success with flowers, I just joined them. Flowers I bet is a reflection of what is going on inside. I want to grow from inside out, and flowers have taught me how to.

2. Write on Medium

I joined medium in 2020 to channel my energy on things I thought should be talked more about. I am an introvert and I don’t have a panel in my home to discuss the politics of the day. My dad is that one person we had a political banter everyday, I have since left his house. Medium has become my happy place, never knew you could be paid writing on Medium. I have stuck to the Why I signed up in the first place. I love the claps and replies, but having my thoughts on this platform is still the reason I write, without pictures of course.

3.Social Media and Cable News

I got my calculations right on how repetitive and waste of time these two media forms have become. I gathered that my average consumption of news and crappy gossip was the same as reading a stack of newspapers from New York Times to The Guardian, and all gossip papers in between all with a click. That’s on Google News feeds alone, we haven’t ventured into Facebook, and Cable News. Which means in a 24 hours cycle, my head was swirling with news, and soon to be stale news, fake news, lies, and exaggerations, analysis and bullshit punditry, and a roller coaster of emotions- sadness, love, anger, jealousy, fantasy. I had given up living for information thinking I was becoming knowledgeable. On the contrary, my head had become a dumpster for all media outlets to collect money with a single click and time spent and interrupted by ads. Maybe I have stuck with Medium because I don’t see a downside to it, and at the end of the day I can add(in my opinions) to news of the day, albeit negligible.

4. Earn extra Income

I am still baffled at my naivety of being a stay- at-home without any savings. I quickly learned how to make a dime while at home, and henceforth have looked for anything that can save money or make money. Whether it’s transcribing or selling potted flowers, an extra coin doesn’t hurt. However, I think I want to go back to work formally, in an office, and this could be the year this happens. That’s the extra income I seek, hoping I will not face prejudice having been out of my career path for the last seven years. I still have my mind and skill, what could go wrong. My side hustle is still my safety net, I have never been convinced that employment is safe, anything can happen. Much as am tempted to read about ‘how to get paid more on Medium’, am Okay with things as they are. I mean, plants have to grow organically to be authentic, so does my writing.

5. Cancel the Pseudo-extrovert

Part of the reason I left social media and Cable News behind in 2021, was because it exposed a side of me I didn’t like. This talkative person was new to me, still had an illusional social media following that didn’t translate into real friendship. I keep one or two close, I serve my frienships with loyalty, I was never going to serve loyalty to virtual people who liked my page, just emojis. May be I have never been an extrovert after all, but the thought of me being talkative made me feel I was tending towards extrovertism, it wasn’t natural. I am an introvert deep down, one who is at peace with my thoughts, a grown woman who doesn’t need social validation, and am taking it with me to 2022.

You will catch me doing all these five things in 2022, and off course a real struggle with my weight, which I don’t feel great about (I got blasted over it during Christmas, I bear no grudges, tough love). Find something you too will do again and again. Happy 2022.



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