Abortion: The Culture of Death must stop
Support for abortion in America is a mixed bag, depending on who you ask, but it’s considered morally wrong. I came across a poll done in 2015, whereby 71 percent of Millennials were opposed to abortion and government funding for it. I don’t know how much of this figure has changed given the heightened level of consciousness on all things politics. But this figure can tell us something about this group that many think are vulnerable and pro-abortion.

This is an issue for Democrats. There are many Democrats who will never vote for a Republican but are very much prolife. Majority are black and latino and very religious. So why are they not listened to, and put in this odd position of supporting candidates who are pro-abortion, but claim to fight for human rights. Democrats who do not support abortion are the silent majority because they have been hushed for so long when the party went further left. It’s not hard to see how they will not leave the party when the abortion angst has worn then down. On this one issue, some Democrats and Republicans can work together.

I am not opposed to funding of women’s reproductive health for low income population. These are the groups that are more likely to terminate a pregnancy given their social economic conditions. But these are the people more likely to keep a pregnancy than those of a higher income group if given the right support system in a crisis pregnancy. So it’s not always about the means to raise a child, but the will to keep a child. You can’t ramp up people with means who have become abortion advocates with those who have gone through raped, incest and life threatening conditions.

When you hear a woman boast about the number of abortions she has had, you can only think of murder by choice because abortion was made legal. Therefore those who exploit the legal loophole to procure an unnecessary abortion have violated the rights of the unborn, you are no better than an abusive husband who punches his mate on the stomach and kills the baby in the womb/forces her to abort. Or the thug who kills an innocent woman because he can. So Dems must decide whether they are promoting the culture of death under the guise of fighting a woman’s right to choose.

Abortion puts America in bad company, China and North Korea. This are irreligious countries that artificially select who lives and who won’t. For China, it has been the one child policy, any child who comes after was considered a mistake by the state. This has long been a human right violation. There is no way the US can lecture China about the human rights of the unborn. This is the only issue they have some common ground. One forces it’s women to have an abortion, the other gives women the free choice to have an abortion. Or is the US headed in this direction. Where a woman will be forced to have an abortion because the country does not want more kids, and therefore find any excuse to terminate life. Could this be a federal mandated practice. Then abortion will have forever seared the conscience of Americans that there will not have any regard for human life. Then no life will matter.

I believe abortion is a woman’s business. People decide what to do with their offspring with or without government help. When a government encourages this practice rather than help women with better reproductive education and promote keeping the pregnancy, it abets violations of human rights. Defending life in and out of the womb is a government’s responsibility. We should also be conscious that a foetus also feels pain when life is taken from it which makes late term abortions inhumane. It’s as bad as taking an innocent life in street violence. A party that is entirely about ending life can’t stand a higher moral ground, because you make the life of the innocent unworthy.

There needs a shift in mindset from a culture of death to a culture of Life. I believe that the child you abort today could have saved my life tomorrow. It’s time for President Biden and others to look themselves in the mirror and not extend voluntary abortions. One question they would ask is: Had my momma known of all my weaknesses and aborted me, would I be standing here today? Because the life of one is in the hands of another.




World Peace. A humane world with dignity and respect for all

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Annette Gitahi

Annette Gitahi

World Peace. A humane world with dignity and respect for all

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