America First, America Bogus

SoThe America Trump sought to make is one that was fact free from the beginning to the end of his presidency.

It was America that was built on a set of rules that only applies to itself and a few. Trump was largely a lawless president who had built a kind of immunity to consequences that even critical media could not permeate. The problem with that is that this cocoonish bubble will not sustain him as a private citizen.

The foremost bogus claim of Trump’s presidency was the crowd size at his inauguration. He wanted us to believe what he said and not what we saw with our very own eyes. This was like marketing an online product that no one has seen but the seller. Even reporters on the ground were expected to report it that way. This was our initial preparation for Trump’s alternative universe that would be consistently debunked by those committed to facts.

Trump had a vision of America that the rest of us didn’t share. Thanks to his salesman pitch, a few people bought into this vision. It was the vision of the yesteryears of America’s past. What he called make America great again. It was by bogus just at the sound of it.

‘America is back' that president Biden touts for America’s comeback into a multilateral world may be harder to achieve given all that Trump has done to recalibrate America’s selfish acts and intentions around the world. We should take into consideration that the void left by America’s lack of leadership was quickly filled by others who will not give it up easily. However, Mr Biden’s vision is based in reality given that many people around the world want America to lead and do better. Especially around the democratic world that was famished and harmed Trump’s leadership.

America First slogan was always bogus given that Trump wanted to meddle abroad whenever he felt he could get praise at home. Consider the Middle East and his supposed peace initiatives that didn’t invlove the Palestinians but was clad as a peace process to energize the Evangelical base. It was more about America than the Middle East. The bogus peace process will soon be shattered because it wasn’t brokered in truth but deals that shoved the Palestinians under the bus.

Bogus is the definition of Trump’s use of his Twitter account. To promote all manner of conspiracies and lies. He fed millions of people bogus claims from birtherism to COVID-19. As if this was not enough, he never backtracked on these bogus claims even when truth was revealed. These bogus claims harmed families, put their lives in danger, and left them down and helpless, and in the case of Covid-19, he left people dead because he couldn’t speak basis scientific truth like mask wearing.

And the grand finale of ‘America bogus' is what we have experienced as the aftermath of the 2020 election. The huge conspiracy of voter fraud, is a culmination of the how darkness and deep bogus claims can harm a nation in this case harm America’s democracy. But even worse is the bad example that Trump has left behind for totalitarians to emulate.

In Trump’s world, the stock market is the most bogus of all parameters because Trump owned it. It’s rise and fall would quickly predict Trump’s mood, until today when the stock market has he it 30,000 points on Biden’s announcement for Treasury. Biden doesn’t want to measure success on the performance of the stock market, and this isn’t a boost of confidence to back a bogus claim of a great economy, rather it’s a reality check on what needs to be fixed in the America of have and have nots. For Biden, it’s the lopsided reality of America that the rich continue to be rich and the poor are pushed deeper into poverty that he needs to fix.

The bogus America ceases with The real America is back. The normal kind of America.



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