America is a 1st World Country, Trump is a 3rd World President

Coming from what Trump called 's**thole nations’, we have watched and jeered at America’s current predicament in the hands of Trump. We have come to grips of how failure of leadership can lead many to an early grave in the world’s most medically advanced country. We look better in comparison for the first time in history.

But it is the 2020 election that has had a funny twist of fate. A total blowout of Trump’s character has come to the fore and with it he came dragging down the US reputation. The shoe is in the other foot. It was our turn to finally give pep-talk to those who always told us how badly we did. We don’t believe anything that Trump has said about a rigged election, but we know this script very well. For a man corrupted by hate, greed and selfish ambition, Trump has done little to model as a leader but rather did well as third world demagogue.

We set very low expectations for our leaders and it was no different for Trump. As America watches in horror of what the nation has become, our best wishes is that this ends well and soon, because from our experience, it doesn’t always end well, most of the time. Trump’s actions are indefensible even by third world standards.

I could swear that America was headed for post-election violence, until it didn’t. Then I realized I was reading a different script for a different nation. America is the most powerful nation on the planet, and the richest, which makes it a first world country. I come from a nation that has experienced post-election violence in at least four of its last five elections. All of the five were disputed by the man who lost. It’s always a man. Few of those elections were considered free and fair by international observers, the US being the loudest. Which makes my country a fledgling democracy, but also third world by economic development.

When we jumped to judge the US election, most of us gave harsh reviews from the pent-up anger that came from US telling us what to do for years. That’s what big brother does. Many have made all manner of recommendations of what should be done to avoid such embrassment in the future. The same advice we have given we have not taken, hence the perennial incidences of post election violence. We were already drawing parallels and drawing conclusions.

But wait a my minute. Truth be told. American constitutional norms have served it well for over 200 years, and still hold to date. So it isn’t that the constitution that safeguards the electoral process has failed. Neither is the US a s**thole country that can’t manage it’s elections. The problem is the 's**thole president’.

Trump said the other day that America was now being seen by the world like a third world country. Who told him that. I think he wants us to believe that, but he is fooling nobody. Had Trump been president in any of these countries, he would have lined up his pockets with stolen money. If that country was the Congo, he would be the richest man in the world rivalling his buddy Putin. He would have bought apartments for his kids in the US like those spoilt brats who buy apartments at Trump Tower.

Trump would not just be wealthy but he would cling to power like any ruthless dictator. Why do you think he likes many of them. Trump would bankrupt any third world to the ground like he has done with most of his businesses. And he would still have a god-like following. Many would be praying for his good health and prosperity. He would in turn steal from the treasury and shove burgers and tasty treats down his throat.

I have predicted that it will take the secret service to ask Trump to step outside for him to officially vacate the White House residence come January 20. By American standards, I don’t see a forceful eviction of Trump, the formal-polite way will always prevail.Trump foresees that his last impolite act would embarrass him.

To those who by chance think that Americans botched their own elections, it’s a lie. Trying to compare America to our own chaotic democracies is a false equivalence. But you can freely compare Trump to leaders who steal elections or make the claims without merit. Most of opposition parties have been dealt a cruel hand by corrupt governments,it is Trump who has dealt America’s democracy a cruel hand by delegitimizing a free and fair election.

So don’t hold your breath that the results would be overturned in the Supreme Court. Unless there is a s**thole judge in there which is rare in America. It’s not time to send observers to America in future elections to see if they will be free and fair. Unless it’s on a need to learn basis, Americans are just fine running their elections when Trump, with his third world mentality, is not in the picture.

May be it’s time Trump stepped out of his comfort zone to actually see how third world elections are run, then he can actually ascertain or refrain from his claims. Otherwise he should just shut up and wait to run again.

Disclosure: With the exception of India, Trump has not visited any third world country during his presidency. Most probably he went to India because he has had business links there.


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