Biden Transition: Trump needs to be stopped Now

The popular belief that Trump will do the right thing and concede defeat has failed well meaning Americans. What you would call moderates like President elect Biden should not expect anything presidential from Trump .

What Trump intends to do in his lame duck days will compensate for what he would do in a second term. It’s an extremely dangerous period.

Trump is being encouraged by his cronies to change the outcome of the election post election. The delayed period of counting and electors picking the president just before states' certification offers Trump the whirlwind of electoral malpractice to help his denial of loss. Whether it’s encouraging electors and states not to certify Biden’s win. Nothing is off the table just as Senator Graham alluded.

The firing of the cyber security head is a signal to bad actors to interfere with the results because the gatekeeper is out of the way. The cyber warfare from China and Russia may just intensify because you would not need foreign planes circling DC to start a war in this day and age.

January 20 seems so close but yet too far. A president elect who has not heard a concession from a sitting president should not sit pretty and wait for power to be handed over normally. A little unapologetic aggression by Biden will be necessary and no one will blame him for doing it. But we will blame him for letting Trump destroy an America in transition when he should have accorded Biden the preparation he needs to get in office and not leave a bigger mess than is right now.

While the legal process should off course give Biden leeway on who Trump can and can’t fire national security reasons. It is his public stance that should be more stronger to let Trump know what he can and can’t do. Biden should make clear that Trump’s actions will be prosecuted should he be found to have interfered in the democratic process by undermining the election security. The fear of prosecution would deter Trump even for a little while if only to keep American democracy from drowning under Trump’s watch.

It would also be under Biden’s watch that American democracy dies if he does not assert himself as a president in waiting. He shouldn’t resign himself to one-president-at-a-time opinion because America has given him the mandate to be it’s gatekeeper before he swears to see defend America come January 20.



World Peace. A humane world with dignity and respect for all

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