Boosters, Revaccination, Where do we go from here?

Okay, am I the only one thinking, where we go from here with COVID-19. After Omicron, I wondered if the pandemic was ever going to come to an end.

Natural immunity didn’t come through for me March of this year when I came down with COVID-19. It was the scariest thing in my adult life. And how I got out of it is a story for another day. But I see how far we have come since the disease was declared a pandemic. There initial state of fear and anxiety when we were already on edge. The pandemic only exposed how quickly things can fall apart. The doctors impressed us, I for once thought planet Earth has redeemed itself from all the evil with the outpouring of good works to fellow mankind. No sooner had this feeling sunk in, the rebellious of the old Earth couldn’t have us settle in our new found land. They decided the virus was a hoax, no one was dying and minimized our pain and loss.

Then the vaccines proved again that the laborious scientific community had our back, they weren’t letting all of humanity be wiped out by the merciless pandemic. They wanted us to live to be a hundred, and the vaccines were godsent. Again the woeful and angry of the Earth decided they weren’t boarding with the rest of us. They secretly took horse dewormers while they continued to claim the virus didn’t exist. They attacked doctors on the front lines calling them communists. Even worse they compared the leading doctor as a Nazi doctor, and still chewed animal drugs.

And then there was a part of our new found Earth- no it quickly became the old Earth, even worse- that was completely isolated from the rest of the world. Where vaccines didn’t reach on time, many were spared from mass casualties events which had been predicted, but the call for vaccine inequality became louder, and the vaccines were shipped out in droves, only that their sell by date would render the useless before they got into arms.

And am here thinking, is this over. Omicron doesn’t seem to rise to the same ravaging levels as Delta. Is this the beginning of herd immunity, or after boosters will come revaccination. No one has the answer at this point. We just have to let COVID-19 be, which is scary given the pain and misery we have all suffered. But for a monster that has over 30 mutations all at once, we just have to wait and see.


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