Conservatives have a lot to say about Roe v. Wade, and very little about Buffalo Racist shooting

A Bible thumping evangelical has a mouthful of prolife defense on Facebook in three words- ‘Abortion is Murder’-but does very little to speak up against killing of innocent black lives by a white supremacist. Nobody I know would want to murder someone, but its the context and the freedom of choice that is lost in this discussion. The same people who speak against another’s choice are scared or resistant to wearing masks to stop the death of another, so much for being pro-life. This same lot advocate for the death penalty and cruelty of all forms, including less money going to social welfare or decent housing for all. Its a contradiction since the supposedly high moral ground is lost in the face of capitalist gains.

It’s tough convincing a woman to do something she doesn’t agree with, she doesn’t have to be feminist. Its even harder to tell her what to do with her body. Remember the phrase ‘they are coming for your guns’, now these same scaremongers are coming for the wombs of women. I speak this way as a pro-lifer who has enough sense to understand that a woman can make a choice over what she can keep or not keep in her body. It doesn’t have to be a perfect choice, but a better one given her circumstances. People have a choice to make, and the rest of us need a lot of understanding. If at all none of these control freaks determine what we can have for dinner in my house, unless of course they can pay for it and that offer never comes-then whatever else happens is nobody’s business. Leave it to an white male or a domineering religious zealot, or a subjugated submissive woman to decide for the rest of us. Who think women have all the time in the world to raise babies, the result is a poorer household, and an infringement into personal freedoms.

From ‘the womb to the tomb’ is another one of their favorite lines, but it only goes halfway, because there is palpable silence, when guns and white supremacy come together to take a life, and black lives more than once. Its black lives, not just black babies or fetuses' who have become poster child of the conservative movement to guilt trip black people as the ones killing their own, their offspring. They have little to say about white supremacist or so- called ‘bad apple’ carrying a gun. If these pro-lifers will not camp outside gun shops after a school shooting, then we lose meaning of ‘from the womb to the tomb’. It should be a 360 degrees advocacy for life if their goals or motives to protect all life is to be believed.

I love life, I wouldn’t want anybody with a chance to live to lose it because a decision had to be made to terminate a pregnancy. In the same breathe, nobody wants a gun-wielding teen killing people in a church, or a store, or a school. Some think that keeping a gun is better than life. None of these people who show up to protest outside abortion clinics -where women ain’t just seeking abortions but contraception- ever show up in maternity lobbies to pay the bills, or ask how much it costs to feed a child. Its a contradiction, you say you care about the baby in my womb, but don’t care how its fed. They always think the women will figure things out, their ‘prolife’ work is done the moment the baby is delivered. They are no-where to be seen when the hard work begins. Women can be trafficked to put food on the table, work other dangerous jobs, but all energy is lost camping outside abortion clinics and pro-life conferences, but not lobby for a safer neighborhoods and homes, or better education, or better jobs to ensure continuity of life.

Abortion is often a difficult and painful choice often made in silence. Compare that to the trigger-happy teen who has hordes of white supremacists lying in wait for the moment of action for a live stream of a murderous rampage and no one lifts a finger to stop him nor calls the police. All in defense of a race that is supposedly near extinction or soon to be replaced by darker skinned people. This is an inferiority complex that lets out anger when you internalize that your position is about to be taken by those ‘inferior’ to you. Or at least were once upon a time your slaves, and you would like a taste of what your grandparents felt when they forced their will on another human being. The gun will do this one time, when there is no deer to hunt around, lets hunt them humans-the black kind. Despicable.

I make no excuses for serial abortionists, if you have ten abortions in your lifetime and then complain later of health problems, this is on you. You may need to choose womb removal because abortion is bad for your health. Abortion carries a lot of trauma too because unlike what many liberals want us to believe, more often than not you grow attached to what’s inside you for better or worse. Its not a cancer but something a woman deals with emotions all entangled. Its not as simple as flushing a ‘mass of cells’ clung together-at least that’s what you learn know from counselling women after emotional pain lingering after abortion. Does this make it a matter of choice, yes, as a matter of fact, as a health choice that should not be punitive to warrant a jail sentence.

A Second Amendment right to bear arms in the US Constitution does not warrant the choice to kill because of racial prejudice. Taking another’s life simply on the basis of hate or vitriol collected over years of internet trolling is illegal. There is no permit to take a life, you would require one to hunt a deer. Are there lesser humans to a skinny deer. What would cause another human who feels threatened by the existence of another human with a different shade of color to take a life needlessly.

Standing up for women who make the choice of abortion because you respect other women is a wise thing, its not a contradiction of the right to life. Still the last time I checked, there is no paid maternity or parental leave in the US, and in terms of the gender pay gap, women earn 84% of what men earn, according to a PEW Research in 2020. In a perfect world where these things were fixed, women would still have the right to choose. One woman would voluntarily fill the Earth, and another have just enough or no kids at all.

To the unwise words of an unwise woman or man who asks, ‘how can a woman take the life of her child?’, I would say, ‘how can a woman not choose her life?’


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