How Evangelicals bought into Trump’s policies and overlooked his character.

I consider Trump as the most evangelized president in America’s recent history. Has anyone seen the laying of hands by Evangelical leaders in the Oval Office. They say he was more accessible than any other president in history for prayer or whatever. They were willing to bet on a second term whether he had done a lousy job or not. Or been cruel to the least amongst us.

If he were truly converted, we would never have to debate his character. But it was evangelism in name only. Just like anything that aligns itself with Trump, there is always deep division. Especially within the Evangelical community in the advent of his election loss. While others celebrate, majority still have this notion that he is coming back with a win.

The consistent theme if you asked why he acted so awkwardly was that he is a 'baby Christian’.Then you would be quickly reminded how President Obama had led the country to apostasy in the same-sex marriage Supreme Court ruling and lighting up the White House in gay colors. The biggest of them all was how many unborn foetuses had been ripped from wombs by Democrats. Their figure stood at 60 million the last time I checked.

Now, while America seeks healers to bring the country together, they are nowhere to be found. Evangelicals wanted to reward Trump with a second term for all he has done. But it was not to be. Some are just afraid to admit that they were somehow wrong about the man. They instead compared him to biblical King Cyrus in the Book of Daniel. In contrast, I could easily find a man of Trump’s vile character in Psalms 52. More division on character and substance.

The audicious line you get is ‘ I didn’t vote for Trump to be my pastor' saying so to excuse his maddening behavior. Who calls a woman of color a monster and gets away with it. Trump did. Who tells over 20000 lies and gets away with it. Trump. There was more grace extended to Trump by this group than all other presidents combined.

The meat of it all is that Trump more than Biden has done alot for this group. If any liberal ruling is overturned, they will have Trump to thank for putting in the judges they have always wanted. But they will always overlook that Trump was bad for kids who had to watch him insult people. Then they will make the excuse that the 'evil side’ has done more harm than good to kids.

Healers cannot come from amongst us. Unless we bury our biases and deal with all with Grace. Then only will character matter just as much as substance. On these two metrics will we weigh leaders and escape deep divisions within the Evangelical community. And offer prayer and a hand of friendship to all who come in God’s Name. Even the 46th president-Joe Biden.



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