How Will Christians Pray for Putin?

I get it, it sounds cynical. Should we pray for Putin/Can we pray for Putin. We pray for good people. We should be praying for Ukraine, since Biden/ NATO has his hands tied, can’t move forces to help Ukraine, even if we are officially in WW3. Yes, I have been praying for Ukraine.

Fresh out of ravenous pandemic, Putin gifts us with a war we didn’t ask for. We asked for flowers and peace to heal our brokenness. Loud mouth Trump and Carlson think Putin is a genius. The dog has been around as long as Biden has been at least in politics. Only Putin is a liar like Trump, and very good at it to have us believe war wasn’t coming, and had Ukrainians is their comfort zone instead of defensive positions. After all, Russians are our brothers, they say. Putin isn’t, no brother will hunt you down to kill you.

Franklin Graham said it first, “lets pray for Putin”. Like many I thought to myself- how sick. Knowing that sympathy can only go so far, America’s inaction is overwhelming, and thoughts and prayers are all we got, it was time to focus on this evil sonofabitch, who is never having a change of heart, but his activated Hitler instincts are on steroids now.

I woke up to news of at least 137 Ukrainian soldiers dead. Thousands of children orphaned, death and destruction of Ukraine was Putin’s ultimate wish. Putin has children right, yet cannot stop hurting other people’s children. From Syria and now Ukraine, and everyone’s thinking he will change his mind over sanctions. C’mon.

I was confronted by a well meaning church minister when I proposed that Putin be hurt where he feels the most-his children. Seems the guy doesn’t have living relatives apart from his daughters. Intuitively I said to myself, if prayer works like every Christian on his page believes, why not invoke the highest punishment for Putin who is apparently an Russian Orthodox Christian. The minister wouldn’t have it, those were bad prayers. He wanted prayers for peace. I wanted death and destruction for Putin and his offspring. Are there living relatives of Hitler. Even worse I want Putin betrayed by those he trusts the most-like that Director of Intelligence he dressed down in his press conference.

Will prayer accomplish this, yes I believe. If it does, then stop praying pretty prayers for Putin’s redemption or change of heart, pray for his tears, whatever can bring him pain and tears, if he has any left, is worth striking.

Just like the words coming from the White House in support of Ukraine, little prayers accomplish nothing. Those sanctions or words haven’t been heeded neither encouraged Ukrainians. They are on their own, the world’s back against them. Putin hasn’t been sanctioned. What do you do in the face of such helplessness. You pray militant prayers, good must vanquish evil. Who is worse, evil Putin killing Ukrainians or good people doing nothing. Well Hitler couldn’t have been stopped in today’s world, he would still be killing Jews. There is nothing worse than the unwillingness to fight for what you believe in, if what you believe in is a free world, and democracy.

Putin is not in a war of words, though disinformation is aiding his war campaign. Putin is using maximum force to destroy his enemies, and when Ukraine asks for help, here is our thoughts and prayers, that’s the cynical part, when we know very well the US can rain bombs onto Kremlin. But that would start a WW3, its already here cousins.

Apparently Putin believes that Ukraine has been taken over by Nazis, he wants denazification. Yet, Zelenskyy is Jewish,, how anti-Nazi could one get. Putin reads from Hitler’s playbook, he believed that Soviets were controlled by Jews, the same antisemitic garbage that is spinned todate about Jews controlling the state and media. Yet again, Joseph Stalin was antisemitic. You can’t think Hitler, and not think Putin.

As Ukrainians fight a patriotic war, our only hope is there will war in snow, that will find Putin unprepared, and leave him in utter exhaustion, may be its the sanctions, or divine intervention. Heart attacks for his generals will do, let’s see if the little man from Moscow will come onto the battlefield to command his armies. I still believe there is an angel over Ukraine to protect its people, whether you believe it or not. There will be a turning point in this war, it could not be mass starvation, but another wave of disease could ravage the Russian camps. There will be fierce resistance in Ukraine, there will be loss of life, but when you pray, pray that this one time Putin and his armies are defeated. The spectacle of Putin’s defeat will be a toast to world peace, and the many Russians who didn’t want to get involved in Putin’s war.



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