Novak Djokovic: Why most of the World is Angry with Anti-vaxers

Nole, Novax or whatever memes and Gifs have come up with to describe Djokovic’s latest controversy, one thing is clear that most of the World cannot stand anti-vaxers any longer, high profile or otherwise. Ignorance is not bliss in this case, but a matter of life and death. People are tired of dying, losing jobs, losing mobility and liberties. Not because of mask or vaccine mandates, but because a section of population want to drag their feet around vaccination and keep the rest of us longer in the COVID19 loop. We have had to endure lock downs and deaths, and outbreaks and more variants because of the unvaccinated.

It’s 2022 dawg, how much longer will we have to wait for you to be vaccinated, Novak et al! Am getting a third shot, and someone going the Australian Open feels entitled above Australians and other star players to wave an unvaccinated special status. How tone deaf given the sufferings of Australians in lockdowns. I get it, Serbians are proud people, proud of their heritage and their champion, but so is the rest of the world. But the nationalistic sentiment has now been elevated to cast a persecuted Novak and not the high profile anti-vaxer who broke Australian rules of entry.

His parents are not helping in this circus either. They pout how their child is living with immigrants-not other human beings who are at the mercy of the Australian government just like their son (a family that clearly hates migrants). They think their son should be exempted for vaccination because he is Serbian and a star, and there is a conspiracy to deny him the golden title. Can you imagine Michael Phelps, Tom Brady or LeBron James so much entitled to push it beyond borders and show up unvaccinated.

An example would be travelling to a country that is high on the terror list,you will be rigorously searched at the point of entry. If you are high profile athlete like Novak, you should not expect a special status unless you are corruptly given diplomatic passport by your country to avoid security checks. You could smuggle a bomb or currency just like other humans. That’s why the special unvaccinated status Novak claims is unconscionable and insensitive to the plight of those who have endured lockdowns or checks to gain entry to Australia. I know of international students stuck in Australia since the pandemic because of these rules.

The idea that vaccines are bad based on nothing but Novak’s opinion doesn’t mean a thing in the face of public health and all of our health. People just hate those who think they are better than others, and Novak just a lot of people mad after the sweet holiday cheer. Novak may be good for Serbia as a national hero, but the rest of us won’t eat his bluff. Even Trump is vaccinated and boosted for crying out loud.


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