Putin told me he didn’t do it

Trump demands total allegiance from Republicans in the same way he gives it to Putin. Fear tactics, inflated ego and selfish ambition rule these two men. Putin will soon demand allegiance from the world, he will hack everyone to submission. He will steal his way to go be the richest man in the world if he is not already. He will control governments and destroy democracy and the West. The fox has grown a grey coat, and he is only getting bitterly cruel.

You might wonder if Trump has lost his voice in the face of the most sophisticated attack on the US cyber space. For months, Trump told us that China was the biggest threat to the US. Turns out it wasn’t, or did he hide the real culprit because it was a straight line to his master. For some reason, Trump, a bully with lots of words in his mind, never rises to the level of presidential power to criticize the Russian president. He seems to cave into fear and insecurity. Is this what Dan Coates says 'Putin seems to have something on Trump but can’t figure out what exactly?’

Trump has not minsed his words on what he now calls a rigged election, which was infact a free and fair election. But the ghosts of 2016 have never been shaken fully with regard to Russian interference. It has always felt that Putin has directed the show for Trump backstage, and the audience was the American people.

When CISA’s Chris Krebs was fired after giving his verdict on the election. I felt unnervingly that Trump was up to no good and would infact do all in his power to have an opposite verdict form Krebs' “ this was the safest election in the US history”. How would he achieve this, may be he will ask a favor directly from the sophisticated master of cyber hacks, to whom most of his presidency has been associated with. You guessed who that would be. You may ask, how would he do that with National Security Advisers around him. It’s not that complicated. Trump would call Putin on his cell phone because he is careless. If he was extra cautious, he would tiptoe naked to the Oval Office and make a secret call connection that is classified which Biden would only know of if he was president.

I believe Trump unwillingness to leave the White House has to do with paranoia of what Biden will discover about his illegal use of the Office of the President, and for that reason, Trump will risk it all to stay in power, even if it means changing the electronic version of the results with the help of a foreign power. Don’t hold your breath that Trump will call out Putin. Infact he will come and say 'Putin told me he didn’t do it’, and then we will be left scrambling for our balance after this jaw drop moment. Then life will go on as normal, until Trump finally announces that he got evidence of election fraud.

It will be too late to convince his followers that their candidate was the sole beneficiary of Russian espionage. They will say they got the evidence against the lying Democrats. The next thing you know is the Supreme Court hearings, three of his appointed judges will join the other two conservative judges to declare a stolen election. Isn’t evidence what we thought was hard to find all along. The next thing you know is Trump having enough members of Congress declaring him president. Sounds apocalyptic, but it’s what we have to deal with till January 20. Trump is compromised, and he is unfit for Office. The sooner he lands in jail, the better for everyone.



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Annette Gitahi

Annette Gitahi


World Peace. A humane world with dignity and respect for all