There’s a possibility of a White Minority in the U.S. Supreme Court?

Justice Breyer retiring and Biden announcing his replacement as a black woman has opened up the usual right vs left and more importantly the racial debate in America. Being in the minority, its easy to tell that president Biden has a soft spot for black women and is eager to keep his promises to them, most importantly he sees them as an important part of his base that got him elected.

To have a black woman vice president in Kamala Harris, and now a black woman Supreme Court justice has the black woman’s attention, but also of those who vilify this pick as purely based on race rather than merit. It took the likes of Maria Bartiromo to say it out loud, that now Biden considers this as his criteria, someone like Candace Owens ought to think really hard what Maria said, because racial prejudice is obvious in her statement. Mitch McConnell had to jump in and claim Biden shouldn’t veer far left, as if black women are deemed dangerous in their opinions and represent the extreme left of the Democratic Party.

Not far too long ago, we were given three Caucasian justices, and an all white cabinet except one black man. It was okay for the Republican led government to have white representation, ignoring minorities because the Republican party refuses to move beyond whiteness. There were Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Conservative blacks who would have made the cut such as Senator Cruz who has always wanted to be in the Supreme Court. Because Republicans prioritise whiteness, it didn’t bother Trump to pick others in his camp who didn’t look like him. Mitch must have given him his list if he wanted any Senate confirmation.

Mitch McConnell said it out loud that minorities(black people)voting could even out the white majority(Americans). Imagine how it must have felt to have Biden announce a black replacement which will soon even out a white majority in the Supreme Court if there are at least four more justices of color. McConnell can’t be happy because that reality isn’t in the far distant future.

The ability by Biden to open the door of equal representation beyond whiteness means there will be more gender, racial, religious diversity in the Supreme Court as there has been a diversity of thought. No one should be terrified of this possibility because it is really a representation of what’s actually happening in Americas population. There could be a Muslim justice, or LGBTQ, because that’s America’s reality. Republicans unwillingness to give room or voice for racial diversity only pushes them to the extremes of white supremacy, holding to straws of both nostalgia and disillusionment of the America that once was.

If the Supreme Court can change, there’s enough reason to believe that Americans will begin to see the country differently and accept that others who are not like us can serve in places they weren’t allowed before. Not just because they deserve it, but since it has been hard earned. Representation means everything to a new generation of Americans who will live in a country very different from their grandparents. Biden only wants Republicans and others opposed to his likely pick to reconsider and affirm that America needs all Americans.


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