True conservatism is forever ruined

If you thought the Republican party was a headless chicken, think of true conservatism gasping for air in an ICU bed. Conservatism has been on this abyssimal trend for years but the last four years declared it dead and not worth reviving.

The Secretary of State from Georgia has had to bring out his conservative credentials in public to defend his actions of integrity when he has been pushed to change the election outcome by the likes of Senator Graham. It is people like Sen. Graham who have scorched the reputation of conservatism. The once talking figure who fought alongside Senator McCain has found a new bedfellow who is determined to give conservatives a bad name. The 45th president.

Conservatism as we know it no longer believes in family, faith and country. It has been reborn as a crude and crooked mongrel. When you here a 90 year old televangelist suggest that Michigan Republican electors should not pick Joe Biden as President-elect. Or rather pick a new slate of electors who will not pick Biden. Then you know the true brand is dead.

Today’s conservatism okeys loyalty on demand. Whether it’s the president asking for it or policy at odds with conservative values. There is no room for compromise and largely because it’s a few people running the show.

Conservatism in it’s cruelest form has seen children grabbed from mothers and put in cages. Against the very core belief in the family unit. Today’s conservatism has defended police brutality even when it is a life that was taken. Against the very prolife belief that life is sacred and should not be taken by another. Worse still conservatism shows no remorse over 250,000 Covid-19 deaths. Liberty begeting ignorance has led to a conspiratorial conservatism with a maskless approach to COVID-19, okaying these deaths and weighing them against those aborted.

Conservatives constant finger pointing to the left without sufficient backlash aided their belief that they knew best. At this point in time, that belief is eroded since they have proved that Trump’s deceit can easily sway their core belief in the country’s democratic process, faith and family values.

Conservatism is no longer grounded in principles. It can be swayed to the left or right, and will no longer be what it was before. Rest in peace conservatism.



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