Trump’s Fantasy Island

Trump’s psychodrama will soon end, at least when he is still important being the current US president. So we may as well write about this moment till we don’t have it anymore.

Trump has become like an onion that peels itself one layer at a time. The deeper you go, the more you realize how rotten he is. While it may have begun with the family, it may end with the base. People who may have found a friend in Trump, fake as that may siund. Trump from the beginning didn’t have a base to call his own, it was always his family behind him. Now that he is leaving public office, he has an obsessed base but still he will go back to his family which is all that has mattered.

The mess that childish Trump leaves behind for the adult Biden to clean up should worry everyone. Lowering the US security defenses by withdrawing troops to fulfil a 2016 campaign promise in the dying days of his presidency is not only careless but selfish. But careless and selfish if not callous is what defines Trump’s persona.

On an economic front. It may have escaped many that Trump forced the US Federal Reserve through his constant criticism of its interest rate that Mr. Powell announced frequent interest rate cuts. This wasn’t Trump trying to delight the stock market. For such a schemer, he was looking ahead to make sure future presidents will have little room to manouvre in an economic crisis. You can say he spent all the dollar power leaving little to nothing in the reserve for Joe Biden to work with.

It shouldn’t surprise people that Trump’s presidency was this short lived. Because it was all a show. He couldn’t sustain fakeself or the country on a second term otherwise it would have either been the boring part or the destructive part.

Trump has always been high on power whether it’s star power or presidential powers. The president powers may have taken him to fantasy islands he only dreamt of. Whether it’s meeting the Queen of England, Kim of North Korea or his all time idol, Mr Putin. All this had nothing to do with 'making America great again’ because it yielded nothing. It was Trump’s tour around the world to his favorite places, and back to the place he has come to cherish and adore but cannot own. The White House which he will soon vacate, is his fantasy island. Trump is not clinging to power, he is clinging to the White House.

While we are guaranteed that there’s no second term for Trump. We should expect it to play out in his lame duck days. Like a movie trailer since there is no movie. This is the destructive part. Loyalists will be rewarded albeit for less than 60 damn days. All manner of crooked stuff may happen since they no one will say it’s wrong. It will expose the Trump inate ability to make more enemies. Some governors who voted for him now find themselves at odds with him for calling Joe Biden, President-elect.

Trump wants to make exit as the god of his party. Something only dictators do by demanding loyalty. The worst he will do is make irreparable damage to American institutions. He may as well have totally damaged the psyche of American politics. But, it is his inability to govern that will footnote his legacy.



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