World Food Program Nobel Prize 2020 Prize is a win for collective good not personal glory

In the year of the pandemic, there came an unlikely winner but a very deserving winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a UN organization with no face that beat recognizable characters like Greta Thunberg, President Trump and Jacinda Ardern who also deserve to be congratulated for their peace efforts and significant roles they have played in various fields in the world today. But this prize today was somehow of a twist in more than one way as it was a backlash to personality glory and rewarded the efforts of collective good that are in most cases faceless but effective. They are effective in such a way that the face-less of our society feel the real impacts of such organization in times of hunger, disease and conflict. It couldn’t have come at a better time in the world cycle of turbulence where we see even the rich of the world struggle to put food on the table. It puts at the top of our mind for a day to think of others who may struggle daily to put food on the table because they are displaced by conflict, disease, climate change and even joblessness.

The World Food Program reminds us that even while we struggle putting food on the table, our little contributions will go further to help others in dire need. And may be this could be the reason why the Nobel Peace Committee in their wisdom gifted this prize to WFP to draw attention away from big personalities to the plight of the poor in our world. Where help from one side of the world can do a lot of good to another part of the world. Where one neighborhood can help another neighborhood pull through a day or two without hunger. In our own small ways we can be the light unto others who need us and are connected to us in the universe through our help.

In a time when world cooperation to deal with global issues is hard to find, we need this just to break the inward looking self-help attitude that has gripped the world’s most reliable nations. Even in the midst of a pandemic, it is hard to find one vaccine development cooperation that is not driven by profit margins which automatically leaves out the world’s poor. Governmental leaders have become anti-global even in a sea of virus which happens to leave out no one. Maybe this win should be the pointer to what happens when we all cooperate and look out for each other as we have always done. That is how we have overcome the world’s problems when we realized a long time ago that we are all human. The longevity of our world will be determined by our cooperation in areas of food insecurity, poverty, climate change, conflict and intolerance. That is when we are truly exceptional, future generations will say of us that ‘the humans of the 21st Century saved our world from a deadly virus quicker than was thought possible when they developed a vaccine for all’.

This is a day that you do not expect a twitter barrage of congratulatory messages because it is not a person behind this win. Nevertheless, this was a well deserved win for people who put the plight of the vulnerable above self and make a worthy contribution in our world. Congratulations World Food Program for the work you do and continue to do.



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Annette Gitahi

Annette Gitahi


World Peace. A humane world with dignity and respect for all